The profound ambition of our collaboration as photographer (Tom Dachs) and videographer (Daniel Schwarz) ist to tell stories that truly touch us.

We have specialized in wedding film and photography, family- and ceremony portraits, all being events and get-togethers that burst with emotions, joy and expectations.

The work to us is repeatedly thrilling. To immerse into the extraordinary atmosphere of the wedding day is an inspiring challenge – capturing the deep sense of a unique partnership, a reunion of family and friends, people that have sometimes known each other for their whole lives. It’s a joyful celebration of genuine human feelings.

Our style in photography and videography likewise is characterized by its closeness to people. Therefore we work mainly documentary-like using preferably natural light sources. We emphasize being close without being intrusive which allows us to capture great moments as well as vivid details.


With Tomdaniel – Photography I aspire to capture unique and exceptional moments in images that thereby become vibrant memories. For me it is particular important to foster a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – the basis for close encounters and personal insights. Trained as a commercial photographer and visual artist I am also inspired by subtle, playful stagings ” (Tom Dachs)


In addition to my work as writer and filmmaker, I am a passionate camaraman and editor (clipmaker). I usually work by myself equipped with versatile state-of-the-art technology. This allows me to dive into the atmosphere of the wedding without disturbing the natural interactions and adds the authentic style to my images. I have the ambition to make the best out of every single clip. Eventually a very unique film is created, that draws the viewer into the personal, candid world of a very special time.

A complete list of services and prices will be sent upon request.